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How do you help your child make good ethical decisions, especially in tough situations where it’s not so easy to tell right from wrong?

The author of Good Kids, Tough Choices offers words of wisdom in this week’s show!


We all want children who are moral and make good choices, yet we sometimes shy away from teaching our kids core values for fear of sounding preachy or old-fashioned. And sometimes our own behavior (telling a “little lie,” for example) contradicts the very messages we are trying to give our children. Rushworth M. Kidder, well-known author and founder of the Institute for Global Ethics, joins Marti and Erin to offer a framework and practical tips for how we can teach our children to deal with ethical dilemmas, even at very young ages. Drawing on his latest book, Good Kids, Tough Choices, Kidder lays out five core values that make up a global code of ethics and then, with real-life examples, helps us learn to teach these essential life lessons to our children, toddlers to young adults.

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