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In what ways do new technologies and social media challenge our sons’ and daughters’ healthy development?

In this week’s show, Dr. Leonard Sax brings fresh insight and practical tips on how to keep technology in its proper place in your child’s life!


Author Leonard Sax, M.D., Ph. D., joins Marti and Erin for an impassioned discussion of how social media and interactive technologies have changed the landscape of children’s development. With some provocative statistics on children’s use of texting, video games and social media sites like Facebook, Dr. Sax challenges us to be strong and purposeful from the earliest years of our children’s lives in putting them on a healthy path of wise choices about when and how to use these new and ever-changing interactive technologies.


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  1. Robin D. Primes on September 10, 2014

    I find this podcast very informative particularly with how unaware parents can be when it comes to technology. Imagine something as innocent as texting how children with risky behaviors are sending nude photos. The media in general can have negative effects on body images and get in the way of bonding with parents and children which is imperative at the stage of Adolescence.