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Do you have or know a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Have you wondered why it often seems so hard for a child with ASD to have fun with others? This week’s guest offers fresh insights and tips you won’t want to miss!


Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder often face many challenges to their ability to engage in fun interactions with others — from attention difficulties to hyper-sensitivity in certain sensory situations to total meltdowns when routines are broken. Social worker and author John Merges joins Marti and Erin with practical examples of ways to help children with ASD be more successful – and have more fun – in social interactions with peers and adults, paving the way for easier, happier experiences in school and, eventually, at work.


For a link to The Autism Society of Minnesota, click here.


For a link to a video interview with John Merges posted at Autism Hangout, click here.


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