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Why is a secure parent-child attachment so important to a child’s lifelong development?

And what can you do to make sure you and your child have the kind of attachment that will provide this important foundation for healthy development? Marti and Erin dig deeply into many aspects of attachment in this week’s show!


A child’s earliest relationships with parents and other primary caregivers powerfully shape that child’s later confidence, motivation, self-regulation and ability to connect well with others. But what do we need to do as parents to make sure we are meeting our child’s attachment needs? How does separation anxiety enter into attachment? And how does the way we were parented shape the way we approach attachment with our child? Whether your child is a tot or a teen, Marti and Erin’s discussion will offer new insight into this important concept in human development and why we need to be our child’s “secure base” from infancy into adulthood.


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