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To what extent is parenthood what you expected?

And what have been some of the surprises? A young couple reflects on the recent start of their parenthood journey – with a special focus on fatherhood – in this week’s thought-provoking discussion!


As we celebrate Father’s Day this week, first-time parents Shane and Erinn Farrell join Marti and Erin to reflect on their transition to parenthood and Shane’s discoveries as a new father. Having a strong, actively involved father is a huge asset in a child’s development, and mothers often play a crucial role in helping fathers find the best within themselves. Supportive friends, family and reliable information about child development and positive parenting further ease the way for both moms and dads. Of course the couple relationship changes significantly when two become three, so listen carefully for ideas about how to keep that relationship strong, for your own sake and that of your kids!


What were some of the surprises when you became a new parent? As a couple, what are ways that you keep your relationship strong and find ways to be real partners in parenting? Please share your thoughts in our REPLY space!

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  1. Dawn on June 15, 2011

    This is a great topic. My husband and I are both teachers. We find that sometimes because we’ve been talking and interacting with others, we’re tired of talking and interacting in the evening. We have to remind ourselves that it’s important to have meaningful conversations with one another too. Of course, it’s a continuous journey together.