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Do you feel pulled hither and thither by each new bit of parenting advice that comes your way?

Then you will welcome the big picture thinking of this week’s guest, a psychologist and author who provides a framework for effective parenting whatever the age of your child!


In the ups and downs of our daily lives as parents, we often just long for a way to get through this meltdown or this power struggle. But whatever challenges we face each day, it’s important to step back and consider the big picture – the caring, competent person we want our child to become and how our own actions in this moment work for or against that goal. In this week’s Mom Enough show, psychologist Dr. Linda Budd, author of The Journey of Parenting, helps us take the long view and come up with thoughtful, developmentally sound strategies that will bring out the best in our children and ourselves.


Think about a recent parenting challenge you encountered and the way you handled it. How did your child’s age and stage of development influence his or her behavior? How effective was your response and what would you do the same or differently next time a similar situation arises? Please share your thoughts in our REPLY space!

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