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It’s back to school time and your kids are ready with their backpacks and new shoes, but are they ready emotionally?

Learn about common back-to-school worries and how you can help your children confront their concerns and feel strong and confident for the new school year!


As kids and parents anticipate the start of a new school year, it is common to feel both excitement and concern. It’s easy to focus on the material aspects of getting ready for school – new clothes and school supplies – but emotional issues need attention as well. Whether your children are in preschool, kindergarten, middle school or even college, you play a key role in helping them prepare for a confident, positive start to the new year. Marti, Erin and their friend Kate Hopper (well-known writer on all things motherhood) have a free-wheeling chat about mastering back-to-school concerns, a conversation that is sure to prompt you to tune in to what your children are thinking and feeling and how you can provide the support and encouragement they need.


Reflecting on your own childhood, what things did you worry about as you anticipated the start of a new school year? How can you use your own memories, positive and negative, to help you support and encourage your own children? Please share your thoughts in our REPLY space!


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