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What happens to a woman’s illusions of motherhood when her children head down a dark and dangerous path?

And what will bring the family back to a healthy place of love and connection?


As mothers, even as we know there will be inevitable ups and downs in our parenting journey, we imagine we always will stay connected to our children. But Debra Gwartney, journalist and author, found her illusions of motherhood shattered when her two oldest daughters ran away to live an unimaginable life on the streets. The candid and gut-wrenching story she tells in her book, Live Through This, has lessons for all of us about recognizing the emotions beneath a child’s troubling behavior. And the account of how Debra and her daughters eventually rebuilt their relationships offers hope to anyone struggling with fragile or broken family bonds. Gwartney’s book and this interview will be of interest to parents from all walks of life.


Think of a time when you had trouble seeing or understanding the emotions behind your child’s troubling behavior. How did you respond (or perhaps fail to respond) to your child’s needs at that time? Please share your thoughts in our REPLY space!

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  1. Mary Anne on August 11, 2011

    Beautiful interview–lots of good questions and answers!