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We hear a lot about moms struggling to balance work and family, but what about dads?

In what ways do moms and dads face similar challenges, and how has that changed in recent years?


Conversations about work and family often revolve around challenges faced by moms who are employed outside the home. But a recent study at Boston College’s Center for Work and Family is changing the conversation, with findings that highlight how some fathers are facing similar struggles as they take on increasing responsibility at home and still strive to succeed in their careers. Dr. Brad Harrington, Executive Director of the BC Center and lead investigator on the study, joins Marti & Erin for this provocative discussion of what is happening in the lives of many American fathers today.


In your own family, how is childrearing divided between mom and dad? What about other aspects of household work? Please share your thoughts in our REPLY space!


To read the results of Boston College Center for Work & Family’s study of The New Dad, click here.

To find the Working Family Resource Center, click here.

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  1. Dawn on October 24, 2011

    My husband and I are both very involved with our son. We share responsibilities related to caregiving, guidance, play, etc. I feel blessed that we, for the most part, are on the same page about childrearing.

    As far as other household chores, we also share those responsibilities. I unload the dishwasher and he loads. We both do our own laundry and take turns doing our sons- although he is old enough now that he helps too. We are a bit traditional in the sense that I do the majority of cleaning (although he does “straightening” too) and he does the chores outdoors (cars, lawn, etc).

  2. Stacy on October 27, 2011

    Dr. Harrington’s survey results were the focus of a FOX News article today. Here is the article link to read a few of the findings: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2011/10/26/evolution-dad-from-breadwinner-to-diaper-changer/