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You work hard to protect your children from toxic influences and help them make healthy choices.

But what do you know about how some businesses are working even harder to attract your children to the very things you want them to avoid?


As parents, we sometimes feel like we’re spitting in the wind – encouraging healthy eating while commercials bombard our children with tempting images of junk food; limiting violent video games while seemingly benign websites subvert our best efforts; trying to avoid toxic chemicals while manufacturers fight for the right to use them. But when parents unite, we can be a powerful force in the market place. And knowledge is the first step toward effective action. You won’t want to miss this week’s provocative discussion with Joel Bakan, law professor and author of the popular book and film, The Corporation, as well as his newest book Childhood Under Siege.


Think about the areas of your child’s life in which you try to promote healthy choices but find yourself competing with market forces that work against your values. Beyond your individual actions within your family, what else could you do to advocate for your child by uniting with other parents, writing letters to corporate leaders or public officials, or aligning with other organizations working on that cause? Please share your thoughts in our REPLY space!

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  1. Stacy on October 11, 2011

    Monday’s USA Today had a nice review of Joel’s book, “Childhood Under Siege,” which was discussed in this week’s show! Here’s the link to that article: http://www.usatoday.com/money/books/reviews/story/2011-10-07/childhood-under-seige/50712310/1