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When you became a mom, how did your experience match the expectations you had before giving birth?

Was that a cause of tears or laughter or a lot of both?


In celebration of our 100th show – and all the ups and downs you and we experience as moms – we offer you this special edition of Mom Enough, a live recording of author Kate Hopper’s 5th Annual Motherhood and Words Reading (formerly Mother Words) at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis on October 13. Get ready to laugh at the humbling and hilarious breastfeeding and weaning experiences of authors Jill Christman and Sonya Huber. And keep the tissues handy as host Kate Hopper reads from her forthcoming book Ready for Air, a candid and poignant memoir of Kate’s unexpected response to her tiny, premature newborn daughter. Whether you are an expectant mom, an empty-nester with grown children, or anywhere in between, you will appreciate this rich reminder of why mothers’ stories are worth telling and worth hearing!


When you reflect on your life as a mom or dad, what memories make you laugh? What memories still can bring a tear to your eye? Please share your thoughts in our REPLY space below!


For a transcript of this show, provided by the Minnesota Department of Education, click here.

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