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Do you feel your stress building as the holidays approach?

Well you’re not alone, according to the family researcher who is this week’s Mom Enough guest!


This time of year often evokes a wide range of feelings – excitement, joy, sadness, longing or all of the above. Especially for moms, any and all of those emotions often come with anxiety – “How can I possibly get everything done?!” Family researcher Dr. Anna Kudak  has spent recent years interviewing women about their holiday experiences and even following some moms into the kitchen or shopping mall, and she has a lot to say about why the holidays stress us out. But she and Marti & Erin also have some good ideas about how to ease up a bit and find your true meaning in whatever holidays you celebrate!


What messages do you think your children received from you about the meaning of the holiday? What would you wish to do differently the next time the holidays roll around? Please share your thoughts in our REPLY space below!

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  1. Jodi Kuehn on December 12, 2011

    The holidays are definitely stressful for moms. And while going to the grocery store without the kids may SEEM like a vacation, it’s not truly enough to recharge your batteries. We need a *real* vacation. Without the kids. Maybe even without our husbands. To remember briefly who we are outside of wife and mother. To cultivate (or re-cultivate) our own interests (ones that don’t involve princess dolls, monster trucks, or soccer gear). We work hard; we deserve to be pampered once in awhile!