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Are you looking for keys to a happier marriage and happier children?

Tune into this special Valentine’s Day show with Dr. Bill Cloke, psychologist and author of Happy Together!


Pop culture bombards us every day with shallow, unrealistic messages about romantic love. But what does it really take to build love, commitment and connection that last? And why is this important for our children, as well as ourselves? Los Angeles psychologist and author Dr. Bill Cloke joins Marti and Erin for a rich discussion of practical steps you can take to bring greater respect, understanding and love into your family life. A Valentine to you from Mom Enough!


The guest on this week’s Mom Enough show, Dr. Bill Cloke, talks about love as a “creation.” What does that mean to you and how is that different from the way romantic love is portrayed in popular media? Share your thoughts in the REPLY space below!

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