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What do you know about domestic abuse and why is this so important for every parent to understand?

Don’t miss this discussion about a problem that exists in every community!


We all have seen the headlines about women being assaulted or even killed by their partners. But do you know how many instances of domestic abuse devastate lives yet never make the news? Domestic abuse happens in families from all walks of life, and children often pay the highest price of all. But this week’s Mom Enough guest knows there is hope for many of these families and children. Carol Arthur, longtime executive director of the Domestic Abuse Project, joins Marti & Erin for a rich and important discussion of how intervention transforms the lives and relationships of many victims and perpetrators if they get the help they need. You need this information so you can teach your children about this problem and because you may be the friend who can help make sure a family you care about gets the help they need.


Were you surprised by anything you heard in this week’s Mom Enough discussion of domestic abuse? Why is it so harmful to children to witness abuse between parents? Share your thoughts in the REPLY space below.


For the Minnesota Domestic Violence Crisis Line, call 1-866-223-1111.

For men looking for answers, call the Men’s Line at 1-866-379-6367.

For the Domestic Abuse Project, click here.

For Futures Without Violence, click here.

For Minnesota Day One®, click here.

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