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What are your thoughts about the number of children who are on medication for behavior problems these days?

Tune into this week’s provocative discussion about alternative approaches with Dr. Marilyn Wedge.


In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of children receiving medication for ADHD and other psychiatric diagnoses. This week’s guest, family therapist Dr. Marilyn Wedge, is author of a powerful book challenging these practices and offering a more family-focused approach to understanding and treating children’s difficulties. You won’t want to miss Marti & Erin’s discussion with Dr. wedge on this timely and important topic!


What do you think are some of the reasons so many children are being medicated today for emotional and behavioral issues? Share your thoughts in our REPLY space below!

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  1. M Kay Keller on March 5, 2012

    I think that ADD and ADHD are over diagnosed by medical professionals who refuse to see PTSD in children. We are a country that still believes children are owned like property and that it is okay to commit violence against children. Our violent parenting styles have contributed much to the trend of medicating children for our own comfort not theirs. I think there are some children who benefit greatly from medication when they suffer from a severe and what could become persistent mental illness such as schizoprhenia etc…

  2. Megan Butler on March 5, 2012

    I completely agree with M. Kay Keller above! I don’t know how many children actually have PTSD, but I do think that the idea of children being property is pervasive and disturbing. Children learn and imitate what they observe, so how can it come as a surprise to parents when children mimic violent, outrageous behavior? ADD/ADHD are definitely overdiagnosed. Furthermore, when we feed our children trash and have them stare at a TV all day (movies, TV, videogames, etc.) how can it come as a surprise when they are super energetic? I literally have yet to see one case of a child being diagnosed with one of these “disorders” who is fed a healthy, balanced diet, gets a proper amount of exercise, and is not abused either physically and/or verbally. So many children are being drugged because of their parents’ choices. Children themselves are not the cause of these “diseases,” so why should they be left to bear the burden? I can only assume that doctors find it easier to hand the parent a prescription rather than have a frank discussion about their parenting decisions.

  3. Anastecia on April 3, 2012

    When thinking about how few berkas students get in school, also consider that some children are worn out because they started school before they were ready. All the fun is gone before they actually are interested in the 3 R\’s. The word drudgery comes to mind. Then add the electronic changes society has experienced. Who wants to sit still, and look at a silent static white page with black lines after TV and computer games filled with high action, bright colors, and loud sound??? So, I\’d suggest along with better nutrition and fresh air that parents also consider the over-stimulation of neuro-sensors and unplug rapid firing machines, replacing them with silence, nature sounds or soft music. Time to think, contemplate , and dream without interference might be a wonderful relief for students under heavy pressure to please adults. I prefer percocious kids to zombies, but some (just some) lazy teachers don\’t want the challenge. P.S. I\’ve seen a huge change in school success since teachers began to marry and have their own families. When teachers were primarily old maids , their time and devotion were not divided. All their energy went into their charges. So I\’d say ADHD is a convenient excuse to avoid real issues and solutions. When there\’s effect, look for the cause, not the symtom.