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What do you know – and what do your children know – about alcohol and drug abuse?

At what age in your child’s life is this relevant? You may be surprised by what this week’s Mom Enough guest has to say!


From the earliest years of life, our children are learning about alcohol and other mood-altering substances from what they see and hear among adults in their lives. At earlier ages than ever before, children encounter opportunities and temptations to experiment with alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal substances and dangerous new synthetics. In this week’s Mom Enough show, Kathleen Schultz, a youth addiction expert from internationally renowned Hazelden, brings information you won’t want to miss about how to prevent substance abuse, how to recognize signs of possible abuse and how to respond if you have concerns that your child may be using. With proms and graduation parties just around the corner, parents of teens will want to think carefully about how to ensure that alcohol or drugs don’t contaminate these special occasions in their children’s lives.


What messages are you giving your children, whatever their ages, about the use of alcohol and other substances, both legal and illegal? Think about what you say, what you do, and what you allow your children to see in media or among people you know. Share your thoughts in our REPLY space below!

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