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What is the value of writing about your experience as a mom?

And how could you start? Whether you aspire to be a writer or not, this week’s Mom Enough show will inspire you to use writing to help you live your best life as a mom.


As parents, we often remind our children, “Use your words,” to help them express and manage their emotions. But that can be good advice for parents too! Writer Kate Hopper’s new book is an inspiring and informative manual to help you discover the power of words in your own life. As a psychologist who has studied parenting across the generations, Dr. Marti affirms Use Your Words as right on the mark as a way to be a more reflective parent who rises above harmful patterns of past generations. And as someone who has studied writing with this week’s guest, Erin speaks to the power of this approach in her own life as a busy mom of two young children. Listen carefully, then get out your pen and paper!


Think of a recent time when you felt you were going to explode with the stress of your life as a parent. Or think of a time when you felt a great sense of love or joy or satisfaction as a mom or dad. Write down what you saw, heard and smelled in that moment. Does the experience stir memories of other times in your life, including your own childhood? How does writing about these experiences (even if no one else reads what you write) help you understand yourself and your goals, dreams and concerns for yourself and your children? Share your thought in our REPLY space below!


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For more information about Kate’s May 3 book launch, click here.

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  1. Rimbu on May 22, 2012

    speaking as a non-parent who has been coming in here for awlhie I agree. I also agree with the others about it depending on what the situation is. I have helped my sister raise my nephew. I’ve clothed him, bought things for him, cared for him when he was sick, been a shoulder to cry on, fed him, helped with homework, disciplined him etc. I may not be a parent myself but I have experience in parenting situations and feel I can help if someone is having trouble. There are questions that I have no idea what to do and just skip in here. But just because I don’t have any children of my own doesn’t mean I don’t have valid advice in some areas.