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Are we getting the information and support we need in order to be the parents our children need?

With an avalanche of information (and misinformation) just a click or a touch away, how do we discern good from bad?


As parents, we have a powerful influence from Day One on our children’s health, development and well-being. And yet we often feel undervalued and unsupported in that most important role. Beth Quist from Working Family Resource Center joins Marti & Erin for an important and timely conversation about some of the most pressing issues we face as parents and how crucial education and support are for each of us. You’ll learn how to identify whether information sources are reliable and you’ll be inspired to speak out on why helping children do well means helping parents do well.


Given that the internet is a primary source of information for most parents today, how can you tell whether information on the web is trustworthy or not? If you could design a community (or society) that truly valued and supported parents and children, what would it look like? Share your thought in the REPLY space below!


For Minnesota Parents Know, click here.

For Tufts University’s custom search to find systematically evaluated, trustworthy web sites, click here.

For the Working Family Resource Center, click here.

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