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Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death among teens, but many accidents could be prevented if we instill safe driving habits from the earliest years of life.

Whether your kids are tots or teens, learn what you can do to help them become safe drivers and safe passengers.


What do you know about the laws designed to prevent traffic accidents among teens? What can you do as a parent to go even further than the law in helping your kids drive safely? And how early in your child’s life should you think about this? Lisa Kons from the Minnesota Safety Council brings information you won’t want to miss, whatever your children’s ages. Be prepared to look in the mirror as you think about this important aspect of parenting!


When your child begins driving (if that hasn’t happened already), what rules and consequences will you use to promote safe driving? What new things did you learn in this week’s Mom Enough show? Share your thoughts in our REPLY space!


For resources on teen driving issues from the Minnesota Safety Council, click here.

For the video of Marti on KARE 11 Today discussing instilling good driving habits in your kids, click here.

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