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Are your children ready for safe summer fun in the water?

Swim coach and water safety expert Jon Foss brings information you won’t want to miss!


Summer is here, time for kids and parents alike to head to the beach or pool for some family fun. But fun can turn to tragedy if we don’t have the knowledge and skills to keep our children safe and teach them how to keep themselves safe. This week’s Mom Enough guest, Jon Foss, has taught countless children to be safe in the water and he’s developed innovative approaches now used by teachers across the country. You may be surprised by some of his strategies that break with traditional swim instruction, but you will be glad you listened!


What surprised you in this discussion of water safety and swim instruction? What will you do to keep your children safe in or near the water? Share your thoughts in our REPLY space below!


For Foss Swim School, click here.

For swimming safety tips, click here.

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