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Have you ever felt at your wit’s end trying to calm a fussy baby?

This week’s guest, Dr. Harvey Karp, has the “how” and “why” of putting a smile on your baby’s face and your own!


You’ve jiggled, you’ve rocked, you’ve walked the floor, but nothing seems to ease your baby’s distress. Your nerves are frazzled, you’re sleep-deprived, and you feel like screaming. Probably every parent has been there, but countless parents also have been helped through those exhausting moments by Dr. Harvey Karp, author of Happiest Baby on the Block. He joins Marti & Erin this week for a rich discussion of the “4th trimester,” how to activate a baby’s “calming reflex,” and why “the five Ss” can make life (and sleep!) better for your baby and you!


What have you found most effective for calming your baby or other babies for whom you have cared? Have you tried “the 5 Ss” Dr. Karp recommends in this week’s Mom Enough show and, if so, how did they work? Share your comments in our REPLY space below!


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