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Is it hard for you to imagine the words “toddler” and “patience” in the same sentence?

Well, you’re going to love this week’s Mom Enough show!


Your young child wants what she wants when she wants it – right now! You’re tired of this constant impatience and you dread one more tantrum, especially in front of all those people behind you in the checkout line. Do you need to just wait for your child to grow out of this stage or is there something to do to smooth the way? Dr. Harvey Karp believes there’s a lot you can do and Marti & Erin agree. Tune in for practical, effective ideas that will not only reduce tantrums, but also help your 1- to 4-year-old child develop patience, respect and cooperation.


In this week’s Mom Enough show Dr. Harvey Karp talks about showing your child that you hear his or her feelings even when you have to deny what the child wants. Why do you think that is so important? Can you think of a situation when it helped you, even as an adult, to be heard even if you couldn’t have your way? Share your thoughts in our REPLY space below!

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