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Can technology be used to help your kids deal with social and emotional challenges?

This week’s Mom Enough guests think so, and they have some great ideas of where to start!


You’ve heard Marti & Erin discuss the risks of too much technology in the lives of children and adults. But we know technology also offers some great tools for learning about and dealing with issues like bullying, depression and sexuality. Therapist Suzanne Harman and writer Molly Kelash have teamed up to develop an app called TeenSphere that gives young people a new safe way to reflect on their own emotional health – and also lets them know when to seek help from a trusted adult. Even young children can benefit from some of the new health-focused apps, so Marti & Erin and their guests identify helpful resources for tots to teens.


What do you think about apps that aim to help children or teens deal with difficult social or emotional challenges? How might these technological tools fill a gap in resources already available for kids and teens? Share your thoughts in our REPLY space below!


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iTunes apps suggested by Suzanne and Molly: TeenSphere, iTouchiLearn Feelings and Taming the Anger Monster

TeenSphere 2.0, in both iTunes and Droid version, will be available in Fall 2012.

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