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What do you do when unexpected change throws you off balance, and how can that be a time of growth for you and your children?

This week’s Mom Enough guest has a powerful story of living through great challenge!


Ruth Bachman was a vibrant teacher, parent and adventurer when a shocking diagnosis turned her world upside down. But what began as a time of pain and grief became a time of learning and growth as Ruth came to grips with the reality that the one constant in life is change. Her experience put her on a new path as an author, speaker and educator helping both parents and children build new skills for managing change and loss, small and large. Ruth’s discussion with Marti & Erin in this week’s Mom Enough show will inspire you to new compassion for yourself and your children when you face life’s inevitable “narrow spots.”


This week’s Mom Enough guest uses the metaphor of an hour glass to illustrate life’s “narrow spots.” What narrow spots have you faced recently and how did you manage? Has there been a narrow spot for your child, even a relatively small thing like losing a favorite toy? Share your thoughts in our REPLY space below!


For Ruth’s Hourglass Blog, click here.

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