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Have you thought about your parenting approach as a contribution to world peace?

This week’s Mom Enough guest has and that led her to write a most interesting book!


Parenting is probably the hardest job most of us ever will have, with frustration, disappointment and exhaustion almost inevitable (along with love, joy and pride, of course). When we’re trying to get a tired toddler or a sassy teen to toe the line, we often find ourselves falling back on force, fear or punishment to resolve the problem. But this week’s guest, Dr. Charlotte Kasl, is convinced there is a gentler way that will help our children be more respectful and responsible and will lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves. It begins with connecting, really listening and recognizing the feelings beneath the behavior, compassionate, peaceful skills we and our children then can take into our communities and the larger world.


What do you think your child would say makes a good parent? More specifically, what do you think your child would say he or she most appreciates about the way you parent? Share your thoughts in our REPLY space below!

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