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Kids and Election Day

As we enter the final weeks before the November election, what are our children learning from the political rhetoric and heated discussions they hear, both in media and often in their own families? And how can we turn those lessons to ones of respect and appreciation for democracy?


Here are Marti’s tips for parents:

1)  Be mindful of what you say and how you say it in front of children.

2) Highlight shared goals and the concept of different means to a similar end.

3) Encourage critical thinking.

4) Emphasize our freedoms – to vote and to express our ideas.


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  1. Beulah Chang on October 23, 2012

    These are wonderful tips on how to expand on a national situation. I have photos of the beautiful First family on the wall for my 5 year old grandson to see and admire with me. He doesn’t even realize this is the first African American president as that is the world Obama has brought us, and I see no need to mention it. It’s normal now. Can’t even imagine that when we were chldren. Thanks Dr. Marti and Erin.
    Your admirer, Beulah