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Slow Parenting in a Fast-Paced World: A Conversation with Author Susan Sachs Lipman

Frenzied and frazzled with no time to breathe – that’s how too many of us parents would describe our daily lives (and our kids’ lives too, for that matter). But who says life has to be that way? Writer Susan Sachs Lipman (Suz)  decided she’d had enough frenzy, so she took her own advice to slow down and then wrote a practical, no-nonsense book to help you do the same. Join Suz, Marti & Erin for this week’s thoughtful chat about ways to create breathing space – and stronger family relationships – in your life. (Suz’s teenage daughter liked the slower life so much that she wrote the foreword for her mom’s book!)


Think about a typical day in your family life. What small steps could you take to make tomorrow (or next week or next month) less frenetic for you and your family? What could you do to create times to just enjoy your children without watching the clock or feeling pressure to do more? Share your thoughts in the REPLY space below!


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