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Motherhood & Words: An End-of-Year Special Mom Enough

As mothers, we each have a unique life story. But, whatever our circumstance, we all are united by the worry and doubt that seem to be endemic to motherhood. Is my child OK? Am I OK? Am I the mother I should be? And who will be in my corner when I hit the inevitable rough spots? Certainly the three fine writers featured in this year’s Motherhood & Words have confronted those questions, from struggling with identity as a non-biological Lesbian mom, to facing the uncertain future of a premature baby, to confronting a shocking violation of a young daughter’s privacy and safety. Join authors Amie Klempnauer Miller, Kate Hopper and Debra Gwartney for this special super-edition of Mom Enough, Marti & Erin’s gift to you.


Since you became a mother, what have been the occasions when you have felt judged or powerless or in doubt of your competence? How do you cope with those feelings? Share your thoughts in our REPLY space below!

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