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What My Kids Learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. in School

After school yesterday, my kids told me what they learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. My kindergartner seemed to know the most… or maybe he just likes talking with me the most.


What Johnny learned in his kindergarten class (these are direct quotes from all my kids, and the information may not be 100% correct):

– MLK’s birthday is on January 15.
– You know how we have white skin, if they had brown skin, they couldn’t play together.
– The white-skinned people sat in front of the bus and the brown-skinned people sat in back, but if more white-skinned people got on, the brown-skinned people had to stand in back.
– Here’s a story of a girl. And she was so tired from work and she had to ride the bus and it was crowded and the bus driver said she had to go in back and she was tired so she said no and was arrested.
– MLK was famous because he had a dream and it come trued.


What Bailey learned in her second-grade music class:

– We listened to a song about MLK.

– He made better rules and stuff. Like the black and white people used different drinking fountains and he made the rule that everyone could use the same one.


What Anna learned from reading a chapter book about MLK (one of her teacher’s all-time favorite books) for the past week in her third-grade class:

– MLK was an African-American.

– He said that everyone has rights. It’s not about the skin color.

– Even as a little boy, he saw white-only signs and started that dream.


Johnny was inspired to draw a picture of MLK when he got home last night. He taped six sheets of printer paper together so it would be large enough, and he brought it to his teacher this morning.


~ Stacy


UPDATE: Johnny’s teacher, Mrs. C, was so impressed with Johnny’s poster that she had it mounted on poster board and laminated. First she had him spend more time coloring and making his poster a bit fancier. When he was finished, this is what Johnny had written in kindergarten spelling:


“Even you know you died, I will always love you Martin Luther King Jr. But I hope your dream will stay alive. Even you know I am white skin color.“

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