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The Achievement Gap: Why It Matters and What We Can Do

We hear often about the achievement gap, the term used to describe wide disparities in educational outcomes among children of different ethnic backgrounds. For example, although Minnesota historically has ranked well overall on measures of educational attainment, Latino children in Minnesota rank the worst in the nation when it comes to the achievement gap and high school 4-year graduation rates. Given that Latinos are the fastest-growing demographic in Minnesota and the U.S., this gap has huge consequences for our society. This week’s Mom Enough guest, Hector Garcia, is an immigrant from Mexico who became a successful businessman and advisor to policy-makers. He has devoted countless volunteer hours leading efforts to close the achievement gap by investing in early childhood care and education. He draws on all of that experience in this serious and thoughtful conversation with Marti & Erin. As parents, we can be a powerful force in working to make sure all children have a chance to succeed. Tune in, be informed, and reflect on what will make a difference.


How do you see evidence of the achievement gap in your community? What is being done in the schools and elsewhere to give all children a chance to succeed? Share your thoughts in our REPLY space below!


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