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The Power of Parents: How To Protect Your Child from the Dangers of Underage Drinking

Research shows that children are much more likely to engage in underage drinking than parents often believe. And pretending it isn’t so just doesn’t work. But research also shows that parents are the biggest influence on children’s decisions about drinking. So, when and how should we talk with our children about alcohol? As this week’s Mom Enough guest Lindsey Carlson explains, MADD has the tools to help us take on this important issue. And since April 21 is “PowerTalk 21” day, this is a perfect time to get informed and empowered!


What did your parents teach you about alcohol, both in words and behavior? How did that work for you? Share your thoughts in our REPLY space below!


For more information about PowerTalk 21, click here.

For the Power of Parents, click here.

To download the parent handbook, click here.

For the Youth and Parent Pledge Form, click here.

For tips on talking to your teen about alcohol, click here.

For a transcript of this show, provided by the Minnesota Department of Education, click here.

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