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Risk and Resilience: One Man’s Life Lessons on Strength and Perseverance

When Steve Beseke was born with cerebral palsy in the 1960s, his parents had to fight for him to have the same opportunities typically developing children had in school and in life. And they had to make special efforts to help their son develop the perseverance, persistence and patience (what Steve now calls the three Ps) he would need to stand up to bullying, defy others’ low expectations of him and live a full, rich life that builds on Steve’s significant abilities. What Steve’s parents did and what Steve learned challenges all of us, whatever our child’s abilities or disability, to reflect on how we can raise children to be strong and resilient.


Think about a recent situation when your child has faced adversity (e.g. teasing, bullying, a major disappointment or other challenging or frustrating situation). As a parent, what can you do to be there as a source of support and security but also to help your child build the skills to handle these difficult situations? Share your thoughts in our REPLY space below!


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