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This Morning Sam Went to Mars: Author/Illustrator Nancy Carlson’s Latest Gem for Daydreamers and Their Parents

Many children today struggle with ADHD – and their parents and teachers along with them. But even if your child doesn’t have a diagnosable attention problem, at times you may find yourself frustrated that your child’s mind seems to wander just when you’re trying to give him or her important instructions. Celebrated children’s author and illustrator Nancy Carlson has a delightful new book that can help you see through your child’s eyes, help your child increase self-awareness and allow you both to build effective strategies for focusing attention. (As Marti & Erin reveal, their family can use these tips!)


In what situations do your children have trouble staying focused? What ideas did you get from this Mom Enough show about how to help your children pay attention when it is important? Share your thoughts in the REPLY space below!


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