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Reflections on the Joys and Challenges of Gay and Lesbian Families: A Conversation with Author Amie Klempnauer Miller and Attorney-turned-at-home-dad, Jamie McConnell

Although estimates vary widely as to the number of children growing up today with gay or Lesbian parents, there is no question the number is substantial. So, are there unique challenges gay and Lesbian parents and their children confront? What are the dynamics for gay and Lesbian couples when they become parents and begin to establish their respective roles? How do they help their children understand the circumstances of their births or, in many cases, adoption? What resources help them parent well and sustain a strong couple relationship? Certainly no two people can speak for a whole population of gay and Lesbian families, but the candid, heartfelt reflections of this week’s Mom Enough guests highlight more similarities than differences among all families when it comes to raising healthy, happy children.


Based on what you heard in this week’s Mom Enough discussion with gay and Lesbian parents, how was their experience of adjusting to parenthood the same as or different from your own? Please share your thoughts in the REPLY space below!


For Amie’s blog site and book, click here.

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