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Toward Strength and Well-being through a Healthy Sexual Identity: Insights from a Gay Teen and a Psychotherapist

When a young person has questions about sexual orientation and identity, where can he or she turn for guidance and information? How can that person initiate a conversation with parents and other family members about these questions? And how can the young person stand up against teasing and bullying that are so often a part of life for children and teens who are perceived to be gay? Joe, a gay high school student and experienced advocate for social justice, joins Marti & Erin this week for a candid and helpful discussion of this important topic. Also joining Joe and the show’s hosts is Suzanne Harman, psychotherapist and co-developer of TeenSphere, a thoughtfully-designed app to help young people understand their emotions and encourage them to reach out to appropriate resources that will help them take healthy steps.


Children and teens who are gay – or perceived to be gay – are at high risk for being teased and bullied by peers. What steps can you take as a parent to teach your children how to treat their peers with respect (regardless of real or perceived sexual orientation)? Share your thoughts in our REPLY space below!


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