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The How and the Why of Helping Your Child Build and Maintain Strong Friendships

Gallagher,Mary_hsFriendships are key to health and happiness at every stage of life. But knowing how to initiate, strengthen and sustain good relationships doesn’t always come naturally. From early childhood on, children often need explicit teaching and guidance to learn how to host a positive play date, share space and toys, and resolve differences. Mary Gallagher, a pediatric occupational therapist with the nonprofit agency Lifetrack, leads social skills groups for a wide range of children who need an extra boost in learning to get along with others. But her practical tips are helpful to all parents and children. Tune in to this week’s Mom Enough show for some great ideas to try with your children!


How well does your child handle play dates, either at your house or at another child’s home? What specific things could you teach your child that would improve his or her skills in making and keeping friends? Share your thoughts in the REPLY space below!


For information on Lifetrack’s FASD Social Skills Training Program, click here.

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