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Between Fathers and Daughters: A Conversation with Author and Researcher Dr. Linda Nielsen

Nielsen,Linda_bookA wealth of research highlights the importance of fathers to the development of both sons and daughters. Yet many women say they don’t really know their fathers very well and/or they often feel criticized by their fathers. In situations of divorce or separation, these issues often are even more pronounced. But, as Wake Forest professor Linda Nielsen knows from her research, there are steps adult daughters can take to put their relationship with their fathers on a more positive path. And, dads, whether your daughter is a toddler, teen or adult, you can build a closer more supportive relationship with her. However the father-daughter relationships play out in your family, you will find this Mom Enough discussion insightful and encouraging!


How would you describe your relationship with your father in your childhood? How is it now that you are grown up and a parent yourself? Share your thoughts in the REPLY space below.

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  1. Vanessa Nordstrom on October 15, 2013

    Hi Marti and Erin, It’s Vanessa (Gilmore) Nordstrom, I went to highschool with Erin and I have a behaviral question for you about my first grader daughter. We are having a lot of trouble with her on the social behavior side, where she pokes, pinches and kicks in line or has very intense, aggressive hugs to friends and now they do not want to hang out with her at school. I am trying to identify some tactics to use in school to help alleviate some of the tension created in class. Academically she is doing quite well. She has been diagnosed by 2 Psychologists with Disruptive Behavior disorder. She is an Alpha/Type A personality too. She also has a lot of conflict with her dad that we are working to change. I would love to catch up and hopefully talk through a few answers to my questions. As mentioned above, we have met with 2 psychologists, but are still trying to figure out how to manage the school sitation. Just curious what you have to say. Thanks V

  2. Marti Erickson on October 22, 2013

    Just a note that Erin and I have communicated privately with our dear friend Vanessa about this situation. Vanessa and her family are doing a terrific job of helping their daughter and they are wise to have gotten good professional help early in the process. We wish them the very best!