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Surviving and Thriving in Step Family Relationships: A Conversation with Dr. Patricia Papernow

Papernow,Patricia_bookBecoming a step family is a huge transition for everyone involved. What are the common emotional issues for children when a parent marries and how can all the adults pull together to help children adapt in a healthy way? What is the appropriate role for a step parent when it comes to discipline? How do families avoid unnecessary competition or disagreement between step parent and birth parent? Dr. Patricia Papernow has focused on step family relationships throughout her career, and she is step-mom to three adult children and step grandma to six. She brings realism, sensitivity and wisdom to this fascinating discussion with Marti & Erin!


Are you a step parent or do you have a step parent? What has been good about your experience and what has been difficult? Based on what Dr. Papernow said in this Mom Enough discussion, what might have helped you and your family face some of the challenges of being step family? With whom would you like to share this helpful audio show? Please share your thoughts in our REPLY space below!

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