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Taming the Worry Monster: A Conversation with Psychologist and Author Dr. Dan Peters

Peters,Dan_bookAll children (and adults, for that matter) have worries and fears, but some of us, child or adult, worry so much that it interferes with our sleep, appetite, school, work and fun. California psychologist Dr. Dan Peters brings to this week’s Mom Enough show some well-tested practical steps for helping your child learn to manage fear and worries. And, as his two newest books explain, similar strategies will work for you if you are a chronic worrier. Marti & Erin are eager to use Dan’s advice with the worriers in their family, and you will be too!


Do you have a child who worries a lot? What have you tried to help him or her manage those worries and fears? What new ideas did you hear in this week’s Mom Enough show? Leave a comment below!


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