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Through a Child’s Eyes: Observations and Reflections from a Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician

Moore,Jim_hsDr. Jim Moore has been a pediatrician for many years, usually treating children with developmental delays or serious illness. In fact, he was Erin’s pediatrician when she was a child, working with her and her mom to manage her severe asthma. In this quiet, thoughtful discussion with Marti & Erin, Dr. Moore reflects on his years as a developmental-behavioral pediatrician working with very young children and on the groundbreaking ideas of the late Selma Fraiberg (author of the classic The Magic Years) that shaped his understanding of child behavior and emotion. Listen and reflect on your own child’s experience and how you can support your child’s optimal development.

Think about a behavior your child has presented that has been irritating or frustrating to you. What feelings or intentions do you think were behind that behavior? In what ways did this Mom Enough discussion with Dr. Moore challenge you to think in new ways about your child’s behavior? Share your thoughts in the comment space below!


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