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Beyond the Classroom: How Travel Can Inspire and Enhance Children’s Learning

Oster,Gary_hsMany of us probably can remember a trip, small or large, that opened our eyes to something we’d never thought about before. Whether a school trip to a nearby nature center or a family trip to distant places, travel can ignite our curiosity and allow us to see through new eyes. Now a new study shows that travel experiences when we are young may be associated with longterm educational outcomes, career choices and even income. This week’s Mom Enough guest, Gary Oster from the U.S. Travel Association, discusses findings from this study conducted by the Wagner Group. And he joins Marti & Erin in reminiscing about transformative travel experiences in their own childhoods.


logo-stdavidsFollowing this featured discussion, stay tuned for a brief Relationships that Nurture feature brought to you by St. David’s Center for Child & Family Development. Psychologist Kate Rickord offers valuable tips on how to support your child’s emotional health and development at every age.


What memories do you have from travel in your childhood? What experiences made you want to learn more about a topic or made you think in new ways about people, places and historic events? What could you do, even in very simple and affordable ways, to stimulate your child’s curiosity and broaden his or her understanding of the world? Leave a comment below!


For a video featuring kids speaking about the impact of travel on their education, click here.

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For the Caregiver’s Role in Emotional Development tip sheet, click here.

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