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Growing Safe Drivers: Parents Make the Difference!

Pehrson,Gordy_hsTurning your teen loose with the family car is an anxious moment for most of us parents – and for good reason, given that car accidents are the number one cause of death for people 15 – 19 years of age. But the good news is we have much greater impact on our children’s driving habits than we often realize. Gordy Pehrson, Youth Traffic Safety Coordinator for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (Office of Traffic Safety), has the information we all need to help our children become the safest drivers they can be. His important message should empower all of us to know the laws governing teen drivers and to go beyond the law in setting clear expectations and limits – and being a clear example – for our children.


What new information did you learn in this Mom Enough show about laws for teen drivers? What ideas did you get for being a strong parent in ensuring that your child drives responsibly? Whatever the age of your child, what can you do now to help him or her learning safe driving habits? Leave a comment below!


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