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Breakthroughs in Online Healthcare: When and Why Online Diagnosis and Treatment Can Be Right for You and Your Family

Verchota,Gwen_hsIn the past 15 years many services have shifted from in-person to online. How many of us still go to the bank teller to get cash or deposit a check? Or how about going to a travel agent to buy a plane ticket? Now health services are moving in the same direction toward the convenience of online care, at least for relatively simple, common conditions like pink eye, bladder infections or sinus infection. This week’s Mom Enough guest, Gwen Verchota, is on the leading edge of this move to online diagnosis and treatment as a family nurse practitioner with virtuwell, an online service by Twin-Cities-based HealthPartners. Marti & Erin can think of many times they would have loved this convenient care. (Erin is especially excited by the possibility of avoiding all those germs from the other patients in the clinic waiting room!)


In what ways have you used websites to try to understand a health problem? Have you tried an actual online diagnosis and treatment site like virtuwell? In what situations would you be most likely to try such a service? Leave a comment below!


To view a brief video explaining how virtuwell works, click here.

To begin your virtuwell diagnosis, click here.

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