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Healthy Relationships, Values and Respect: Moving “The Talk” Beyond the “Birds and the Bees”

Guest Judith Kahn from teenwisemn.org for “birds and the bees” talkMany of us remember uncomfortable childhood moments when our parents sat us down for “the talk” about the “birds and the bees” or maybe they just awkwardly handed us a book about our changing bodies. But today we know children need much more than the “birds and the bees” facts about sex; they need ongoing information, guidance and support in figuring out who they are as boys and girls, men and women. They need to build respect for themselves and others, and they need to learn what it means to be in healthy, intimate relationships. This week’s Mom Enough guest, Judith Kahn (Executive Director of Teenwise), brings years of knowledge and experience to this important topic. And, setting embarrassment aside, Marti & Erin offer candid personal stories of how they have navigated these issues in their own lives as parents.


What was your own experience in learning about sexuality and the “birds and the bees” as a child or teen? What did your parents or other adults do that was helpful? What was unhelpful or confusing? How do you intend to help your children develop healthy, respectful attitudes about sex, sexuality and intimate relationships? Leave a comment below!


For general tips for communicating with children about sex, click here.

For facts you can share with your teen, click here.

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