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Postpartum Depression (PPD) and Anxiety: When the “Baby Blues” Don’t Fade Away

Post,Krista_hsIt’s common for moms (and sometimes dads) to feel sad, anxious, irritable and overwhelmed after the birth of a baby. But when these feelings of the baby blues linger for more than a couple of weeks – and when you can’t find joy in connecting with your baby or engaging in other things that usually give you pleasure – you may have postpartum depression, which requires some professional treatment and support. Psychologist Krista Post, clinical director of the Postpartum Counseling Center, knows there is no shame in seeking help and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Not only has she worked with many families facing postpartum depression, but she experienced it herself after giving birth to twins eleven years ago. Don’t miss this encouraging and informative Mom Enough show!


Did you or someone close to you experience the “baby blues” after giving birth? Did it go away on its own or did you get professional help? What do you think is most helpful in removing the stigma so often associated with having depression, anxiety or some other mental health challenge? Leave a comment below!


For Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Minnesota (PPSM), click here.

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