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All Joy and No Fun: A Modern Parenting Conversation with Author Jennifer Senior

All Joy and No Fun, modern parenting bookIn 2010 Jennifer Senior, contributing editor of New York Magazine, wrote a cover story about modern parenting that triggered a firestorm of responses in the national media. Now, building on extensive research in such fields as psychology, sociology and history, as well as discussions with many parents “in the trenches,” Jennifer has expanded her article to a book that explores how parenting has changed in recent years, the impact of modern parenting on everything from sleep to sex to life satisfaction, and the joy and awe parents so often express when they step back from the daily hassles to reflect on the overall experience of parenting. In this week’s Mom Enough show, Jennifer joins Marti & Erin for a lively discussion you will want to listen to and share with family and friends!


In what ways do you think modern parenting is different from how it was for your parents or grandparents? In what ways are those changes for the better or worse? How does the “All Joy and No Fun” of the title resonate with your daily ups and downs and with your overall feelings about being a parent? Leave a comment below!


For more information about All Joy and No Fun, click here.

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  1. Jennifer Santanello on April 3, 2015

    I bought the book immediately after listening to this pod cast. So insightful and so encouraging as a parent of a 3 year old. Thank you, Jennifer for writing the book that no one else has!