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Dads Matter: The Role of the Father in Child Development and What Moms Can do to Help Dads Succeed

Andre Dukes from northsideachievement.orgIn the early months of a child’s life many dads struggle to find their role in caring for the baby and supporting mom through those exhausting days and nights. And sometimes we moms send messages, subtle and not-so-subtle, that dad just can’t measure up to our standards of care. But, in the long run, everyone will win (mom, dad, child) if dad is fully engaged as a caregiver. Andre Dukes, Family Academy Director for the Northside Achievement Zone in Minneapolis, joins Marti & Erin to discuss the role of the father in child development, the benefits of father involvement throughout a child’s life and what we all can do to help men be the dads their children need.


In what ways is the father of your children involved in their daily lives? How is that the same as or different than how your fathers were involved when you two were young? Based on what you heard on the role of the father in child development in this Mom Enough show, how could you help your children’s father become even more comfortable and confident as a dad? Leave a comment below!

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