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The Mother-Daughter Bond: What We Tell – or Don’t Tell – Our Daughters and Why It Matters

mother-daughter bond bookAs mothers, we shape our daughters’ confidence and sense of self in powerful ways. But we may not realize that what we do not say to our daughters, particularly about their bodies and the ordinary experiences of womanhood, may have far-reaching effects on their confidence across all aspects of their lives. Joyce McFadden, psychoanalyst and lead researcher on the ongoing Women’s Realities Study, joins Marti & Erin to discuss some of the thought-provoking findings on the mother-daughter bond from her research and clinical practice. This is a conversation that will challenge you to reflect on what you are – and are not – communicating to your daughter through your mother-daughter bond, whatever her age.


As a young girl, what messages did you receive from your mother or other adults about your body and your identity as a female? If your mother didn’t talk with you about these things, where did you turn for information or support as you moved from childhood to adolescence to adulthood? As a mom, how is your mother-daughter bond – or mother-son bond – the same or different than what you experienced? Leave a comment below!

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