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Teaching Children about Money, Values & Accountability: Life Lessons for Children of Any Age

Dungan,Nathan_bookAs parents, too often we move through life letting our children learn about money in a scattered and informal way. But, from the moment our children can say, “I want…,” we have an opportunity to engage them in ongoing conversations and action that will shape their lifelong attitudes and behavior about spending, saving and sharing. Nathan Dungan is Marti & Erin’s favorite expert on financial matters for children and families. He’s here on Mom Enough just in time for Saturday, August 9, when retailers will be competing for your dollars and your children’s loyalty. You need to listen to this great conversation on teaching children about money!


What lessons are you teaching children about money and values, either intentionally or incidentally? What steps could you take to be more purposeful about the way you are teaching children about money? How can you use back-to-school shopping as a good starting point? Leave a comment below!


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