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Parent Involvement in Education: The Key to Your Child’s School Success

Parent Involvement in Education show hostsFor school-age children, those lazy days of summer are almost gone and the challenges of school and homework are the order of the day. But kids are not the only ones who need to work in order to achieve success in school; parent involvement in education is also needed. Family involvement in a child’s learning is the single most important factor in predicting school success. Effective family-school partnerships require the investment of parents, educators and even the larger community. In this week’s Mom Enough show, Marti & Erin discuss the most important things parents can do to support their child’s learning, and they inspire you to think creatively about how to work well with teachers and rally the community to encourage and celebrate children’s learning.


In what ways do you make sure your children are ready to focus and learn when they go to school? Thinking about what was discussed regarding parent involvement in education in this Mom Enough show, in what ways might you improve the ways you support your children’s learning? What do you need from others (e.g. family members, neighbors, teachers, employers) to help you fully support your child’s school success? Leave a comment below!


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